Jobe Concord Wakeboard


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Jobe Concord Wakeboard

Jobes thinnest and flexiest board. This board has a full wood core for flex and durability and a wider outline to help you out when finally sticking that one trick. Add our hybrid rocker shape and you’ve got the best of both worlds: Speed on the water and an aggressive pop off the wake.

  • Hybrid – The Hybrid Rocker features a blend of continuous and 3 stage rockers and brings the best of both worlds; fast pop and consistency. The aggressiveness of the 3 stage rocker and the stability of the continuous rocker is the perfect combination that makes these boards fast and stable.
  • Flex – Technology that creates flexibility in the tip and tail of the wakeboard. This characteristic makes tip and tail landings softer and makes it easier to press on a rail.
  • ABS Side Wall – ABS is a thermoplastic material used as sidewall construction that primarily functions to protect the core and edge from damage. This sidewall makes a board durable and resistant to sliders and kickers without adding extra weight.
  • HIT Base – Stands for High Impact Technology. Sintered damage resisting base, slightly harder than the Armor Base that makes it even faster on obstacles. This is the most high end base that you can get when your goal is to hit as many sliders and kickers as you can.
  • Nature Core – Strong, durable and solid full wood construction that offers a board-controlled flex on features and absorbs hard blows on the water.
  • Press – Jobes Press Technology is used to add additional surface area to the board in specfic areas to help maintain speed and stability on both rails and kickers.
  • M6 Inserts – The new standard for the insert packs; a metric thread which means more turns with a shorter screw.

Size: 141

Size chart for reference only…

Size      Rider Weight (kg)    Centre Width (cm)    Tip/Tail Width (cm)

141           75+                             43                             31

Additional information

Weight 4500 g











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