Jobe Republik Wakeboard Bindings


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Jobe Republik Wakeboard Bindings

***One Off Limited Edition ALL Black Bindings, the footbed is not white as pictured it is black***

Jobes Republik bindings are THE entry level bindings! They provide all the support you’ll need… plain and simple. The Republiks not only have a snug fit and feel, but also come with all the bells and whistles for a great beginner to intermediate ride.

  • Pull Loops – Allows you to clinch down the laces to be completely locked in.
  • Stretch and Flex Panel – The flexible panels on the heels and/or ankles allows for all the necessary extra movements you need during a ride once you are wrapped into a rigid binding.
  • Kidneys – Locks your achillies in place and helps keep your ankle positioned properly in the back of the binding to ensure proper foot placement and support.
  • Adjustable – For a large range of various foot sizes.
  • Cmfrt Insole – Soft, ergonomic shaped footbed that absorbs energy overload on the water and gives you the comfort you want.
  • Foot Cloud Liner – 3 levels and blends of foam provide a precise performance, superior impact resistance and pro level support. With the custom like fit, this is the liner your feet are screaming for.
  • M6 Screws – The new M6 standard changes the game for wakeboarding. The metric thread on the new M6 hardware means the insert in the boards can be smaller. This means we have way more room for activities!

Size: US 11-14

Size chart for reference only…,

Size US      Euro

11-14         45-48.5

Additional information

Weight 3000 g

US 11-14




US 11-14










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