Jobe Decx Series Wakeboard


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Jobe Decx Series Wakeboard

There is no way to describe this pro model, it literally has it all! From rails to the boat, Decx bullet reinforcement makes it super strong, grind ready, helps improve the boards grip in the water and provides landing stability. A sick graphic completes this even sicker board!

  • Hybrid – The Hybrid Rocker features a blend of continuous and 3 stage rockers and brings the best of both worlds; fast pop and consistency. The aggressiveness of the 3 stage rocker and the stability of the continuous rocker is the perfect combination that makes these boards fast and stable.
  • ABS Side Wall – ABS is a thermoplastic material used as sidewall construction that primarily functions to protect the core and edge from damage. This sidewall makes a board durable and resistant to sliders and kickers without adding extra weight.
  • Triaxal – This special fibreglass weave has fibres thta have been positioned in three angles (0/+45/-45 degrees) in addition to running nose to tail. It reduces weight and allows for flex and torsion. Triaxal fibreglass fabric is a high strength stitch bonded product.
  • 1.0″ Polycarbonate Fins – React quickly and provide a better overall edge hold.
  • Molded In Fins – Intergrated fins that improve the boards grip in the water and provide stability when landing.
  • Armed Core – Molded polyurethane core with intergrated ABS/plastic reinforcements inside the base rails and molded in fins to help the board sustain and better tolerate rail grind and other park use. ABS is a strong and durable thermoplastic.
  • M6 Inserts – The new standard for the insert packs; a metric thread which means more turns with a shorter screw.

Size: 137

Size chart for reference only…

Size      Rider Weight (kg)    Centre Width (cm)    Tip/Tail Width (cm)

137           64-94                            41.8                          27.25

Additional information

Weight 4500 g











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