Lake Rules

Leisure Lakes Jetski Centre - Lake Rules

We will always encounter a few small problems with a selection of people, but we can not always catch people doing wrong.  This is your lake to enjoy and in this we ask for your help.  If you see anybody being unsafe or not abiding by the lake rules then we ask you to please assist us by coming into the shop and reporting these incidents.  We would like to lead the way forward in leisure and in my view there is nothing better than knowing that you can go out for a day with the family and  be in a completely safe and enjoyable environment.

Lake Rules

  • You must report to reception and sign in before launching.
  • All craft must be insured by the owner and Leisure Lakes Jet Ski Ltd are not liable for any damage, theft or incidents what so ever, which may occur on the premises.
  • The owner of the craft must be RYA trained and present at all times whilst the craft is on the water.
  • Any person on the water must be wearing a correctly fitted Buoyancy Aid or PFD and Helmet at all times (unless you are on one of our RYA training lessons).
  • You will be notified upon signing in when these restrictions will apply.
  • All Craft must travel in an Anti Clockwise direction around the lake.
  • You must adhere to all warning signs whilst on the premises.
  • Anybody who looks under the age of 18 years will need to provide proof of age and insurance cover before driving any craft.
  • No persons are allowed to be in control of a craft or toys whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Splashing of other lake users or using your craft as a big water pistol is not permitted at any time by anybody.
  • The towing of inflatables must be kept to a maximum speed of 20mph.
  • During busy periods, the towing of toys is not permitted.
  • Consideration must be taken at all times for other watercraft and fallen users.
  • Always check behind before making any sharp manoeuvres, spins or freestyle tricks.
  • Swimming or paddling is not allowed in or around the lake, under any circumstances
  • The islands are out of bounds at all times.
  • Any persons damaging the property or surrounding environs will be prosecuted.
  • Any person’s behaviour deemed to be dangerous or anti-social by the management will be asked to leave the premises.
  • When using the car park please use carefully and with courtesy to others, the management accept no responsibility for loss, damage or accidents.
  • All water users must take care and consideration to avoid all wildlife.
  • Any accidents/incidents must be reported to Leisure Lakes Jet Ski Centre staff immediately.
  • Any foreign objects found in or around the lake must be reported to a member of staff immediately.
  • Membership/Day Launch stickers must be on the front Right hand side of the craft above the Bond Line/Bumper.
  • Leisure Lakes Jet Ski Centre reserves the right to remove any persons or craft not complying with these rules without prior warning.
  • Leisure Lakes Jet Ski Centre reserve the right to change or alter the lake rules at any time without prior notice.
  • I have read and understood these rules and have made all persons accompanying this watercraft aware of them.

From 1st April 2010 we will require the owner / insurer of each craft using the lake to have successfully completed the RYA PWC course.  As craft become quicker each season we are trying to make sure that our lake is one of the safest in the country, you have 12 months to arrange a course.  The sooner you get it done the better then it’s not a last minute thing early next year.

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