Jobe Sofia 3/2MM Chest Zip Ladies


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Jobe Sofia 3/2MM Chest Zip

The best suit is a wetsuit. This one is made of full flex neoprene which gives you the ultimate feeling of freedom. Next to the fact that it simply looks good, it feels good too due to a comfortable stitch construction, which is soft to your skin. Our chest zip technology makes the suit more flexible to the back area, due to less resistance from the zipper. The added ultra-resistant and ultra-high endurance kneepads protect against abrasion. Oh, and it has an optional cut if you dare.

  • 3.0mm neoprene back and chest panels and 2.0mm arms and legs.
  • Partial 100% meltdown, thermo lining is used for maximum flex, warmth and comfort.
  • Protective Kneepads. This ultra resistant and ultra high endurance kneepad is designed to keep your wetsuit lasting for years.
  • Stitched construction which is soft on the skin for added comfort.
  • Full Flex. Jobes masterpiece! This is Jobes most comfortable suit made from 100% Full Flex neoprene and designed to give ultimate freedom of movement.
  • Chest Zipper. Super stretchy for easy entry/exit.
  • Optional Cut. What if you like this suit but you would like it to have long sleeves and short legs? No problem! With this suit you have the option to cut the leg just above the knee or just below without any damage. Check the marking on the inside of the suit and cut the marked line. Just remember, theres no going back!

Sizes: Large

Size chart for reference only…

Size      Euro      Height            Chest           Waist

S           36       160-172cm     77-86cm       62-74cm

M         38        162-176cm     82-90cm       65-77cm

L          40        168-180cm     84-92cm       69-79cm

XL       42        172-182cm     90-98cm        72-80cm

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